In the summer of 1992 I was on a ladder painting the rental I lived in as part of a rent swap, when a man stopped by.   “I’ve been watching you work,” he said.   “You do a real careful job.   You want to give me a quote on my house?” Without thinking much about I said, “sure,” and on that day, I suppose, became a housepainter.

Loving old buildings, I specialized for a number of years in restorative painting of older homes.   This work gave me a deep knowledge of all aspects of preparation: issues of failing paint and plaster repair, moisture seepage and mold abatement, wood decay and restoration, and refinishing of fine woodwork.   When “Faux” became popular, I added it to my repertoire, enchanted with the beautiful effects that could be attained with washes and glazes.   Yet these materials proved to be very toxic, and the application methods with cheesecloth and sponges painfully slow and messy.   “There has to be a better way to make a beautiful wall,” I thought.

Of course, there was.   People have been doing it for thousands of years, using natural, locally sourced materials.   I would soon discover the wonders of clay, lime, natural pigments and binders.   In 2003, I formally established my business under the name Earth Craft Painting, and dedicated myself to the craft of natural painting and plastering.

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