Traditionally, a craftsman had a calling. His trade was a way of life. He was a creator. By his mastery of techniques, materials were transformed. They melted in his hands and became something better.   Robert M. Kelly

The first human beings of our species were classified homo habilus, meaning roughly “handy man.” It was the skilled and intelligent use of the hands that distinguished the emergence of human kind, and still, hundreds of thousands of years later, it is recognized that human hands are able to create things that machines and mechanization can’t duplicate.

Craft is at the heart of Earth Craft Painting.   The basic premise is if you put the products of nature together with the human hand, the results will always satisfy.



  • Natural painting and plastering
  • Natural wood finishing using traditional, hand rubbed oil
  • Natural Paint consultation, onsite mixing and work party orchestration.
  • Conventional interior painting


  • Window Restoration
  • Lime Washing and Plastering
  • Conventional exterior painting


  1. Hello,

    We just purchased a home in Bellingham and we are interested in painting and wish to use the most non toxic options available. We are also having hardwood floors put in. Everything is happening right now and we need to make some decisions soon. Do you have time to talk today?


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